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There was a time when our atmosphere was clean and the air around us was pure. But, today the scenario is entirely different. Due to industrialization and increasing number of vehicles, clean air is nowhere to be found. In fact, in some countries, the situation is so serious that people can’t step out of their houses without wearing masks on their faces in order to protect themselves from polluted and dusty air. There are in fact numerous diseases and ailments that are caused due to this polluted air notably, bronchitis and Asthma which may prove fatal at advanced stages. So, there is a dire need to search for a device that may purify air that we breathe and live in. And this wonder device is “Air Purifier”.
An air purifier is a device that essentially removes contamination from the air. There are not only home air purifiers but also commercial air purifiers that remove impurities such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air released by the chimneys of factories before letting them out. There are a number of impurities in the air and an air purifier removes them all. From smoke particles to pollens and from tobacco smoke to dust mite feces, an air purifier removes it all to make the air safe. Many a times tiny particles such as dust, pollen , mold sores become the cause of allergies in sensitive people, air purifier is said to remove all these impurities using its air filters in a short duration of time. That is why air purifiers have been repeatedly marketed worldwide as being beneficial to those suffering from breathing problems and allergies.

There is a wide variety of air purifiers that are being made and marketed and are extremely effective in making your surrounding air safe. A few of them are listed below:

• Ionic air purifiers:
In ionic air purifiers, air ionizers are used. An air ionizer is an electrical device that uses high voltage to charge air molecules. The airborne particles are attracted towards the electrode and are de-ionized by walls and ceilings of the purifiers. They are extremely effective air purifiers but have a few limitations as well.

• Ozone air purifiers: People often tend to get confuse between ionic air purifiers and ozone air purifiers. It is to be noted that where ionic air purifiers use electro statically charged plates, ozone air purifiers are optimized to attract extra ion to oxygen molecule. And it is noteworthy that ozone at high concentrations is toxic for bacteria in the air and thus has the capability to kill all micro-organisms in the air. However, the use of ozone air purifiers must be limited to a certain extent only.

• Biozone air purifiers: The ozone air purifier has gained a lot of repute in providing safe and odor free air. And to match up to the higher expectations of consumers, there has been launch of biozone air purifiers. Biozone air purifiers are essentially designed for average indoor usage. Biozones are also considered extremely safe and reliable way of cleansing air as they don’t cause any harm to individuals. They use UV light, photo plasma and ozone technologies for air purification.

• UV air purifiers: Ultra violet rays are known to be germicidal i.e. it has the ability to deactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens thus destroying their ability to multiply and causing diseases and allergies. Thus the UV air purifiers use this ability of ultra violet light for air purification. If you or your loved ones are suffering from any allergies caused by bacteria or virus present in the air, you should go in for UV air purifiers. Because of their ability to destroy pathogens, these UV purifiers are also known as germicidal purifiers.

• Blueair air purifiers: These air purifiers are launched by a company known as Blueair. The air purifiers from Blueair are known to be equipped with Hepasilent particle filters that works wonders for the people suffering from breathing allergies and asthma as it has efficiency in removing all types of unwanted particles from the air. The blueair air purifiers are designed to deliver more clean air at a minimal noise rapidly.

• Commercial air purifiers:
These days large number of commercial establishments have started using air purifiers because of stricter environmental laws being imposed by government. Hence, commercial air purifiers are manufactured in abundance in basically 2 forms. Firstly as small stand alone units and secondly as larger units that can be affixed to an air handler unit that is found in industrial or commercial industries. For commercial purifiers, mainly pressure swing absorbers and other absorption techniques are used for air purification.
Apart from these famous air purifiers, we also have air filters that are used to remove dust, bacteria and other harmful substances from air. Traditionally, an Air filter is composed of fibrous materials but now a days, chemical filters are being used that work as a catalyst in removing particles causing air contamination. Air filters are primarily used where air quality needs to checked continuously especially in air ventilation in residential or commercial buildings.

There have been a lot of deliberations about the best air purifiers as there is a large variety of air purification technology and availability of thousands of air purifiers. The best air purifier depends on your choice. The technology that you require, the brand you consider worthy, the place for which you are buying the air purifier for and most importantly, the money in your pocket. When going for a purchase, always remember to conduct a research of products that are available and the places that are offering the best prices and after sale services. However, if you are going for a single room air purifier, the best purifiers are Austin air purifiers according to a recent survey report.

So, don’t just keep inhaling dusty and harmful air, go in for the best air purifiers now.

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